How is Autoplex Responding to COVID-19?

These are very difficult and trying times for many businesses. As a small Colorado business, we are no exception. But we know that with your help, we will make it through this together and return to the new normal! We want to ensure our customers that we are approaching this situation with a high level of respect and caution. Your health and safety is our number one concern as we move forward. We will continue to keep you informed about how we are addressing customer needs during this time.

Covid Safety

COVID-19 Safety

The safety of our guests and employees is our top priority, and we’ve implemented further protocols in our facility. We’re diligently cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas throughout the day after serving customers and restricting employees from working under certain circumstances. We have rearranged our waiting areas to accommodate the CDC Social Distancing guidelines.

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Stay At Home

Online Shopping

Just a few months ago we launched our new online shopping experience with just one product. The response was great and we are now steadily expanding our online store to provide our customers the option to purchase our core products without leaving their home. See our top 5 products now available for purchase online, and please keep in mind that our accessory experts are still available by phone to help!

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No Contact Service

No-Contact Installations

We’re following the guidelines put forth by the CDC and offering No-Contact Installation Appointments. Our accessory experts and technicians practice appropriate social distincing when you check in and we look over your vehicle. Wait comfortably in our lounge sitting at least 6 feet apart from others. We return your vehicle to you thoroughly disinfected before you leave.

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Autoplex is Dedicated to Your Safety

Autoplex is dedicated to the safety of our customers and team members alike. With the recent confirmed cases of COVID19 in Colorado, we’re taking additional measures to mitigate the risk of transmission to our customers and employees.

Below are some of the protocol and action items we’re taking at all of our Autoplex locations to mitigate the spread of the virus.

In Store

  • Please do not be offended if our employees refrain from shaking your hand. We have informed our customer-facing staff to avoid direct contact with customers.
  • Customer vehicles will be disinfected prior to working on the vehicle and again after the work is complete and the vehicle is returned to the customer.
  • We’ve increased the amount of times our staff cleans and disinfects common areas across all of our locations.
  • We are sterilizing all customer-facing and employee common areas regularly throughout the day.
  • All door handles, guard rails and commonly-touched areas are disinfected regularly.
  • We are cleaning all customer waiting areas (desks, tables, chairs) as soon as they’re vacated by customers.

Autoplex Employees

  • We’re actively monitoring travel destinations of our team members.
  • Any Autoplex team member who has recently returned from an international destination where COVID19 is prevalent will not be allowed to return to work until they wait a 14 day period to check for COVID19 symptoms.
  • Autoplex Team Members who become ill are being instructed not to come to work until they’ve fully recovered.
  • We’ve strategically placed hand sanitizer around our facilities that are easily accessible to all Autoplex team members to allow for them to sterilize their hands regularly.
  • We’re requiring our staff to wash their hands regularly throughout the day; at least once an hour.
  • We’ve instructed our staff to wash hands or use hand sanitizer after greeting customers, handling food, and touching personal items.
  • All work-needed items such as keyboards, computer mouses, phones and computers are being sanitized every night.

Looking Forward

It’s anyone’s guess what the future has in store – but we know one thing for fure – that the human spirit is resilient, powerful and able to overcome any challenge presented. A lot of the things listed above are a result of our customer feedback and suggestions. How else can we help? We are your partner. Give our team of vehicle accessory experts a call at 855-449-1785. Let us know your specific needs, and then sit back as we come up with a solution tailored for you.