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$25 off any LLumar full vehicle window tint, AND/OR $25 off full vehicle clear mask paint protection

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Fort Collins Window Tinting

Get up to $50 off!

$25 off any LLumar full vehicle window tint, AND/OR $25 off full vehicle clear mask paint protection!*

Autoplex is Colorado’s leader in car window tinting. Our professionally installed LLumar® window tints stand up to the test of time:
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No bubbling, cracking, peeling, de-metallizing or changing color
  • Reduce interior surface temperature by as much as 30°F
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Common window tint misconceptions:

Why should I tint my car?

  • Add interior comfort: reduce interior surface temperature, and improve your view!
  • Protect your health: block more than 99% of harmful UV rays!
  • Secure your valuables: protect your personal privacy and hide valuables from prying eyes!

Why LLumar®?

While we do offer both LLumar and 3M window tint films, we highly recommend our LLumar film for its quality and warranty.


  • Uses innovative nano-ceramic technology
  • Superior heat rejection
  • Won’t interfere with electronics
  • 40-55% solar energy rejected
  • 40-80% glare reduction


  • Uses the latest in dyed tint technology
  • Good heat rejection
  • 26-44% solar energy rejected
  • 34-80% glare reduction


  • Uses innovative nano-ceramic technology
  • Transparent option – great optical clarity
  • Superior heat rejection
  • 43% solar energy rejected
  • Added performance for factory tinted glass
All three LLumar options offer 99%+ UV protection, scratch-resistant coating, and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.