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Engine Programmers for Cars, Trucks & Jeeps

Engine programmers, also called engine tuners or power chips, download new high performance tuning information to your vehicle’s computer, then store the original tuning information in case you ever want to go back (you won’t). The real value of a tuner is the work and experience that goes into that new tuning setup for your vehicle.

Engine programmers adjust all of the elements that affect vehicle power: air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates and spark timing. Some programmers also tune shift characteristics of an automatic transmission for quicker shifts and higher shift-points to give that high performance driving feel. Many engine programmers also come loaded with economy tunes to increase gas mileage for day to day driving.

Below are some proven brands of engine programmers that we offer at Autoplex. Every brand has it’s niche, so if you haven’t decided on a programmer yet, feel free to call our performance experts for help choosing the perfect tuner for your needs!

Engine Programmer Options

Edge Engine Programmers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

Edge Products was founded in 1999 by two cousins with the idea of creating electronic enhancement products for the burgeoning diesel-powered pickup market.

Production began in limited capacity at first and as popularity and demand grew, so did the company. Edge has had to move to several new facilities over the last few years before moving into its current location, a 24,000 square foot facility, over twice the size of their previous facility. Edge is one of the only electronic aftermarket companies that has the ability to manufacture its products in house, which allows Edge to quickly meet customer demand and ensures an exceptionally high quality level.

Edge manufactures modules and programmers for all major truck manufacturers – including Ford, Chevy and Dodge. What sets Edge apart from its competitors is the philosophy that all products should install in less than ten minutes and the end user should have maximum adjustability enhanced with real time data to monitor vehicle performance as it is driven. Edge is committed to offer the highest quality, the best product on the market, and in some cases, the only product on the market, at a competitive price.

Evo HT2

Edge Evo HT2 Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Fort Collins

Evo CS2

Edge Evo CS2 Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Loveland

Juice with Attitude CTS2

Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2 Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Longmont
Edge Engine Programmers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

Superchips, located in Sanford, Florida, is an industry leader in automotive tuning for late model cars and trucks. Founded in England in 1983, Superchips was one of the first companies to specialize in tuning vehicles with computer controlled fuel-injection systems.

While Superchips originally focused on serving the British racing community with high-end solutions, the Company eventually began to provide power to enthusiasts throughout the world. Now, Superchips sells tens of thousands of hand-held programmers per year from its headquarters and proudly manufactures every single product in the U.S.A.

In 2005, Superchips was acquired by MSD Performance. MSD Performance is comprised of MSD Ignition, Superchips, Edge Products and Racepak. MSD Performance companies are among the most recognized names in automotive performance. Their products are used in everything from NASCAR, NHRA and IHRA drag racing, LORRS off-road racing, World of Outlaw sprint cars, and a host of other motorsports. The combination of talented personnel at Superchips and the resources of MSD Performance ensure that exciting aftermarket products will launch from Superchips for many years to come.


Superchips Flashpaq Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Fort Collins

Flashpaq F5

Superchips Flashpaq F5 Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Loveland


Superchips Trail Dash Offroad Performance Data Dash Gauges (Programmer) - Longmont
Diablo Engine Programmers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

DiabloSport is an industry-leading manufacturer of automotive performance programmers based in Delray Beach, Florida. We focus on making the maximum power, drivability, and fuel economy gains on late model fuel injected vehicles. Whether gas or diesel powered, our products optimize a vehicle’s performance by programming its factory computer or plugging into its factory engine harness.

We are horsepower junkies by trade- making the biggest possible power gain is why we come into work every day. If you feel the same way about your vehicle’s performance, you are in the right place. We use an in-ground Super Flow Chassis dyno to make develop our performance tunes, and then we take the cars out on the Florida streets to see what they have. We will not settle for anything but the maximum horsepower and torque gains over stock!


Diablo InTune Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Fort Collins


Diablo Trinity Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Loveland
Hypertech Engine Programmers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

Hypertech ® is the technology leader in High-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles.

Electronic engine controls have evolved rapidly since their introduction in the early ’80s. Hypertech has kept pace with these rapid advances in technology by developing power tuning products that take advantage of the capabilities of these electronic controls. Early automotive computers used replaceable PROMs or “chips” to calibrate the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for a specific engine, powertrain, and vehicle combination. Hypertech created the original Power Chips to recalibrate these electronic “brains” for improved performance.

Recently Hypertech unleashed the Hypertech Max Energy 2, the most powerful tuning you can buy on the marketplace. The Max Energy Power Programmer can pull every bit of available energy possible out of every molecule of fuel to give you more miles per gallon at part-throttle and even more power at wide-open-throttle.


Hypertech MaxEnergy Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Fort Collins

MaxEnergy 2

Hypertech MaxEnergy2 Engine Tuner (Programmer) - Loveland

Speedometer Calibrator

Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator (Larger Tire Calibrator) - Longmont
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