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Our aftermarket heated car seats are installed under the upholstery of your seats just like they would be from the factory. The 3-way switch provides two heat settings (high and low) and off.

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Product Reviews

Megan Terry
Great friendly service , flexible with drop off and pick up! Did a great job with tinting, remote start, and heated seats with a new car. They lifted and installed remote start in a truck of mine a few years back which still runs great! Highly recommend! Will continue to be a repeat customer!
Ben Weerts
Impressed by the knowledgeable, thoughtful, and straightforward staff, and very clean install of heated seats on my wife's brand new car. Autoplex isn't just another auto parts/body shop, but a professional operation. I was worried about how they open up the new seat to add this, but it's a very factory look, seat looks exactly the same as I left it, but now have heat and a dual-level control switch. I may be back sometime for their front-end/hood clear protection offerings!

More Information

Our aftermarket heated car seats are installed under the upholstery of your seats just like they would be from the factory. A small three-position switch (off, low, high) is typically installed in the lower seat trim panel or the center console depending on the vehicle for a “factory” type appearance.

They are water-resistant and pose no problem with damp winter clothes, spilled beverages, or wet pets! They are NOT visible and do not detract from the finish or look of your vehicle’s factory upholstery.

Occupancy Sensor Disclaimer: Your vehicle may be equipped with an advanced airbag system known as an ESA (Electronic Sensor Array). Placing a heating element on top of the passenger seat bottom sensor would override the airbag system and cause it to potentially malfunction in an accident, therefore, compromising the safety of this vehicle. Compliance with federal law, industry standards, and your safety are of utmost importance to Autoplex Restyling Centers.

For vehicles with this type of occupancy sensor, our heated seat systems are designed to heat the driver seat bottom and lean back, and the passenger seat leans back, NOT the passenger seat bottom. To confirm if your vehicle is on the list of vehicles where we can not heat the passenger bottom seat cushion, please call us: 855-449-1785.