Custom Truck Grilles, Cars Too!

Make your vehicle’s front end POP with a Grille professionally installed by Autoplex!
Custom truck grilles are like jewelry for your vehicle! Whether you’re going for a sporty, aggressive, or elegant look, a grille is the easiest way to transform your vehicle’s appearance. Custom front grilles/grills for cars, trucks, and SUVs are manufactured to be installed in one of two different ways. The first requires the removal of the existing factory grille and in some rare cases, making minor modifications to the vehicle before completely replacing it with your new grille. This style of the grille is called a ‘replacement’ or ‘cut-out’ grille. The second, and typically less expensive option is an ‘overlay’ grille. As its name suggests, it simply installs over the factory grille and rarely (if ever) requires modifications for installation. Whether you’re buying a replacement or an overlay grille, Autoplex can provide you with the perfect grille and a professional installation backed by a 3-year warranty. Call us today for help choosing the perfect grille for your vehicle!

T-Rex Aftermarket Grilles

T-Rex Truck Grilles in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

With more than 17 years of cutting-edge development, T-REX Grilles has become the world leader in aftermarket grille design and manufacturing.

T-REX Grilles’ state-of-the-art 55,000 sq/ft Southern California facility supports more than 100 American jobs – production, design, research and development, marketing, and corporate staff- And each and everyone is dedicated to one singular purpose: Producing the finest automotive grilles and accessories available on the market today. This dedication and American craftsmanship show in every product that leaves the T-REX Grilles facility.
T-Rex Torch Truck Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex Torch Series Grilles

If you want to make the ultimate statement with your truck, a T-Rex Torch Series grille is it. They have the same aggressive looks as the X-Metal series with the chrome lugs on the perimeter a 12 gauge frame and formed mesh. Torch grilles go one step farther to make it the bad dog of custom grilles with built-in Z-ROADZ LED lights. From one light up to four depending on the application. All Torch grilles come black powder coated and are made in the USA. Matching bumper grilles and light brackets and lights are also available.
T-Rex X-Metal Truck Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex X-Metal Series Grilles

Not for the faint of heart, T-Rex X-Metal grilles scream a rugged aggressive look with its chrome lug bolts on the laser-cut frame and X-Metal logo mounted on the formed mesh. When they see this grille they know your truck means business. Manufactured in the USA and available in black powder coat or polished stainless steel to set you apart from the crowd. Don’t forget the matching bumper grille where applicable.
T-Rex Stealth Truck Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex Stealth Series Grilles

Stealth Metal Grilles have all the great features of our regular X-metal and Torch grilles. All Torch grilles and the most popular X-Metal grilles are now available with the addition of stealth black studs. These blacked-out grilles support the desired blacked-out look that is so popular today and will give your truck the stealth look to really stand out from the crowd.
T-Rex Billet Truck Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex Billet Series Grilles

Stop traffic and turn heads with the classic looks of a T-Rex billet grille. T-Rex has been setting the standards for billet grille design and quality for 20 years and is still manufacturing them in the USA. Made from high-quality 6061/6063 billet aluminum, the grilles are black powder coated and available with a polished face or all black. Installation type varies depending on the application but most install in less than an hour. Don’t forget the matching bumper grille where applicable.
T-Rex Upper Class Truck Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex Upper Class Series Grilles

A cutting-edge design that brings your car or truck to the next level of style is what you get with a T-Rex Upper-Class grille. Manufactured in the USA from a fine woven formed mesh and outlined with a precision laser cut 12 gauge frame. Show how distinguished you are by installing a polished 304 stainless steel or black powder-coated Upper-Class grille. Don’t forget the matching bumper grille where applicable.
T-Rex Sport Car Grilles - Loveland, Longmont, Colorado

T-Rex Sport Series Grilles

Add a high-end custom look on a budget with the T-Rex Sport Series grilles. The unique formed mesh with its frameless overlay design installs easily with no cutting or drilling and mounts over factory components. Perfect for those looking for an economical upgrade but who wants a stylish look. Manufactured in the USA and available in chrome or powder coated black finish. Don’t forget the matching bumper grille where applicable.